Since the early 2000's, honeybees have been dying off at an unsustainable rate with billions of bees disappearing in the United States and losses estimated at greater than 30-40% per year. The collapse of bee populations is a major threat to our global backyard since pollinators are critical to the cultivation of over a third of America's food supply.

As beekeepers and concerned citizens for the plight of the honeybee, we decided to take a more active role in promoting education and understanding of the issues surrounding these remarkable insects by offering workshop-based education to train interested beekeepers, and also by launching our urban honeybee conservation initiative Bee Our Future.  This wonderful community offering is co-sponsored by Linville Team Partners.

If you are interested in learning the art of beekeeping, we encourage you to take one of our seasonal Beekeeping Workshops by signing up in-store or online HERE.  Please also visit our retail location for beekeeping equipment, tools, supplies and accessories!

If you want to learn how your business can sponsor a hive, or are interested in community events or educational opportunities, please email us at  Remember, #ourfuturedependsonbees

Bee Our Future