Did you know that honey's flavor is dependent on which flowers the bees have been visiting?  It can also vary from season to season, with spring honey being lighter and more fruity than fall's deep amber colors and notes of molasses.

Honey tasting is a full-blown science and there is research that suggests that local honey is a powerful combatant to seasonal allergies.  We may not be nutritionists but we do know that raw honey is DELISH.  

Colony carries over 30 varietals of local, regional and imported honeys from small-batch and single-origin beekeepers.  We also feature three rotating flavors and varietals on tap.  Sustainable harvesting practices are a huge concern for us and we put our suppliers through a thorough vetting process to ensure they are Bee-Friendly.  We are proud retail partners of North Carolina's own Crafted Honey Company, you can read about their quality and mission here.