Order Spring Bees & Chickens

We are doing our best to keep everyone in the loop with our Spring Bee Nuc/Package offerings and the Chicks that will be available during Chick Days.  The best way to get current information is to call the store at 336.331.3961 during regular business hours, or send us an email at info@colonyurbanfarm.com.  Thank you for your support!!

Italian Nucs- 5f w/Mated Queen: $190

3# Italian Packages w/Marked Queen: $150

**Supplies are very Limited & a $50 Deposit is Required**

Chicks have arrived!!  From March 16 through mid-April, we are expecting the following breeds:

*SR = Straight Run, *AS = Autosexing, *F = Sexed Female
Tolbunt Polish - SR
Bielefelder - AS
Cream Legbar - AS
Silkies - SR
Whiting True Green - F
Australorp - F
Blue Laced Red Wyandotte - F
Buff Orps, White Orps - F
Golden Polish - F
Light Brahma - F
Blue Cochin - F
Black Copper Marans - F