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NC Strawberry-Henbit Honey

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A golden honey with soft hues of berry, Strawberry-Henbit is one of the most prized varietals. Crafted's Cherryville and Fallston bee yards are located on farms that have both wild strawberries and henbit plants. Henbit is a very nutritious plant with deep pink flowers that is part of the mint family. Sometimes considered an invasive plant, we celebrate Henbit because it is one of the season's earliest bloomers and provides an abundance of nectar and pollen for honeybees. These two floral sources (strawberry and Henbit) yield a remarkable honey that won't disappoint and is a favorite at Crafted Honey.

Harvested: Spring
Origin: North Carolina (Cherryville, Fallston, Waco) 
Primary Nectar Sources: Strawberry, Henbit 
Flavor Profile: Delicate berries, mild citrus, smooth
Color: Golden
Pair with: This mild honey pairs well with just about all foods. It balances bold foods nicely - stronger cheeses, stout beers, vibrant red wines.

CRAFTED HIVES ARE: Located on North Carolina farms and forested areas that are not treated with pesticides and provide an abundance of biodiverse, natural resources. We don't chemically treat our hives due to our sustainable beekeeping practices and the hardiness of the Russian honeybee.