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NC Wildflower Honey

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North Carolina Wildflower raw honey is a diverse blend of seasonal blossoms – from clover to canola, tulip poplar to honeysuckle, cotton to goldenrod.  A versatile ingredient for cooking, baking or pairing, wildflower honey might taste different each time you try it.  

Harvested:  Late March through October
Origin:  North Carolina (Cherryville, Statesville, Fallston, Waco and Golden Valley)
Primary Nectar Sources:  Clover, Cotton, Canola, Goldenrod, Pear, Cherry, Honeysuckle
Flavor Profile:  Mild, delicate florals
Color:  Light to medium amber
Pair with:  Hot or iced tea, nut butters, hard cheeses (Parmigiano Reggiano)

CRAFTED HIVES ARE: Located on North Carolina farms and forested areas that are not treated with pesticides and provide an abundance of biodiverse, natural resources. We don't chemically treat our hives due to our sustainable beekeeping practices and the hardiness of the Russian honeybee.